Service Synthesis

We propose a technique for the automated synthesis of new composite web services. Given a set of abstract BPEL4WS descriptions of component services, and a composition requirement, we automatically generate an executable BPEL4WS process that, once deployed, is able to interact with the components to satisfy the requirement.

This is achieved in the following steps:

  1. We automatically translate the abstract BPEL4WS specifications of the component services into state transition systems, which formally describe their behaviors.
  2. Given the state transition systems of the components, and a formal composition requirements, we automatically generate state transition system that encodes a process behaviour which satisfies the requirements.
  3. We automatically translate the resulting state transition system into an executable BPEL4WS program.

Similar results are obtained starting from OWL-S process models, by taking advantage of the semantic information provided by semantic web services.

Some relevant publications: