Marco Pistore

Senior Researcher

Laboratory of Interoperability and E-Government
Via alla Cascata 56/C - Povo
38100 Trento - ITALY

Institute for Scientific and Technological Research
Fondazione Bruno Kessler
Via Sommarive 18 - Povo
38100 Trento - ITALY

Phone: +39 0461 314 880
Fax: +39 0461 302 040

I am Senior Researcher (“Ricercatore di Prima Fascia”) at the Institute for Scientific and Technological Research of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento. I lead the research group on Service Oriented Applications (see for further information on the activities of this group). I am also the director of LEGO (Laboratory of Interoperability and e-Government:, an open lab that aims at facilitating collaboration among research institutions, companies and agencies of the public administration, and at fostering research and experimentations with technologies and platforms for interoperability in e-Government.

My current research interests are in the field of distributed systems and Web services and in the field of interoperability and e-government. For what concerns distributed systems and Web services, I work to the development of advanced techniques supporting the design and execution of distributed business processes defined as compositions of Web services. In this area, I have published several articles on the usage of formal methods for the verification of correctness of Web service compositions, on the usage of automated planning techniques for the automated generation of the distributed business processes given the component services and the composition requirements, and on the runtime monitoring of Web service compositions. For what concerns interoperability and e-government, I work to the development of technologies and tools based on Web services to support the application integration in the field of e-government and, more in general, to the definition of methodologies for interoperability within the Publica Administration, covering the tecnical aspects, but also the semantic and organizational aspects of interoperability.

In the past, I have been working in the following research fields: planning under nondeterminism and with temporally extended goals; formal verification of systems with model checking techniques; formal analysis of requirements; theoretical foundation of distributed, mobile systems.


Pubblications on Web Services can be found here.
Other pubblications can be found on DBLP.

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