ASTRO Suite 3.2

General Notes

The ASTRO Suite is a collection of stand-alone applications, Eclipse plugins, ActiveBPEL extensions and samples that are used to demonstrate the results of the research conducted within the ASTRO project.

To perform process composition and verification the following tools are required:

To perform process monitoring the following tools are required:


Visit the REQUIREMENTS page to know the minimal system configuration that is required for running the ASTRO Suite.

Visit the INSTALL page to know how to install the ASTRO Suite.

Visit the README page for any other information about the ASTRO Suite.


ASTRO Suite packages are distributed either as zip archives or as self extracting jar archives. In particular:

ZIP archives can either be downloaded by simply clicking on them and choosing where to save the relevant file onto your local disk or they can also be opened and unzipped/installed directly from the browser.

JAR archives must be downloaded by right-clicking on them and choosing the "Save Link As..." option to store them onto your local disk.


Provide the tools that perform the basic steps of business process composition, monitoring and verification.

wsToolset 1.6.0 binary code:

wsToolset-1.6.0_installer.jar [11.4 MB] (right-click to download)

wsTranslator 0.12.0-DN source code: [6.3 MB]

syntools 0.12.3 source code:

wsTranslator-0.12.3_Src.tar.gz [453.2 KB]


Controls the execution of the composition, monitoring and verification activities from a graphical console. (In principle wsToolset components can be executed from the command line even though some of them were designed expressly to be executed from within the wsChainManager.)

wsChainManager 2.2.2 binary code: [3 MB]


Supports graphical editing of ASTRO requirements files for defining the tasks of compostion, monitoring and verification.

wsRequirement 0.0.5 binary code: [3.1 MB]


Enhances the standard process monitoring capabilities of the ActiveBPEL engine.

wsMonitor 1.4.0 binary code:

wsMonitor-1.4.0_installer.jar [5.2 MB] (right-click to download)


Simulates the execution of business processes contained in the wsUseCases samples.

wsAnimator 0.0.5 binary code: [607.3 KB]


Samples for testing the ASTRO Suite capabilities on predefined case studies.

wsUseCases 0.0.6 samples:

wsUseCases-0.0.6_installer.jar [7.8 MB] (right-click to download)