Service Adaptation

We propose a goal-based approach to business process adaptation in service-based applications. In our approach, adaptation activities are not explicitly represented. Instead, we build a formal framework that enables dynamic derivation of adaptation activities considering all aspects of the system (current context, business policies, availability of services etc.).

This is achieved in the following steps:

  1. We define a formal model for services and for service-based applications that enables adaptation. The formal model is based on the notion of goals, and on service annotations that describe how services contribute to goal achievement;
  2. We propose an execution engine that observes process execution and triggers adaptation on demand;
  3. We adopt automated planning technique to automatically generate a composition of available services that achieves the adaptation goals in compliance with business policies.

This goal-based approach guarantees that if solutions exist they will be found automatically, without involving design activities by process analysts, enabling flexibility, scalability and designer’s productivity when applied to the business processes acting in extremely dynamic environments.